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Koeisha 100years history

We introduce the history of 100 years of the company.


From foundation (1917) to the end of war (1945).


From the beginning of Heisei (1989) to nowadays (2019).


From the end of the war (1945) to the end of the Showa (1989).

  • toothpickhistory

    Nearly 30 years have passed since toothpick gallery was opened. We have changed the display items such as twigs used in Africa, Middle east and Asia and variety of toothpicks, toothpick cases and our exported items.We newly displayed a roll writings about regulations on Buddhism ceremony, 2 parts of roll picture, map of Africa on the wall. The assistant professor Dr.D.Izumi ( Hannan university) visited our gallery carefully and wrote a academic report in which highly estimated the contents and our policy on gallery. Our company was suffered by typhoon and damaged seriously on roofs. But we were helped by insurance for natural accidents. The translation center adopted our gallery on web site under the name of 「medical promenade」 and estimated highly our web site about toothpick pictorial book, 100 years history. Our toothpick galley and triangle dental pick were telecast by NHK (Japan broadcast association) on a famous morning program . Many response have reached us.
  • toothpickhistory

    We further refine the melamine foam to improve further, consult Ryukoku University 's REC about safety when swallowed. It turned out that there was no problem with regard to safety. It was confirmed that the safety treatment of melamine foam developed independently was effective. In addition, automation of the machining process was completed with the efforts of Mr. Goto Manufacturing Director, becoming an industrial product. October 2018 The narrow interdental space can only be cleaned with floss. Winding threads on both fingers and inserting them between the teeth. At that time you need to put one finger in your mouth. There is no custom of putting your fingers in your mouth in Japan, so do not spread it. But it is necessary. I thought at least that one could be fixed in the case of the floss. It is to alleviate even a little trouble. Originally floss was used as wrapping around both fingers, so this idea is a Japanese idea unfamiliar to floss. I filed a patent application for this floss holder. It is a wish to have it used easily even a little even widely. It is a new product for years. Scheduled to be released in March 2019.
  • toothpickhistory

    In February 2018 I made presentation at Radish Boya in Tokyo. It was very successful. Detection of Salicylic Acid was reported in Asahi new paper (originally science magazine Nature articles) by DNA Survey of Neanderthal's teeth 50,000 years ago. I found out what they were using toothpicks. After the Sanjusangendo was built, Papal Shirakawa worshiped Kumano Shrine, biting a toothpick and headaches disappeared. Bayer in Germany in 1820 extracted acetylsalicylic acid from Yang. If the drug name is Aspirin Later this relationship was reported in the Japanese Dental Newspaper. The toothpicks gallery is certified by the Mecenat council. Our proper and steadily activity including the English book were recognized. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary, we planned publication of "toothpicks books" and "hundred years of history", but changed to plan to create on the Internet. My English teacher Emil recommended me to launch through free home page software Wix.com.
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